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That's it folks

Twitter have shut down their @Anywhere API, which means that FATC will not work anymore :-(

Thanks for your interest!


A JavaScript client-side only Twitter client ready to be customized hacked to your needs


OK, NewTwitter is nice. But it's impossible to fullfil everybody's needs when you've got so many users to please.
I, for example, have wanted a "mute" button for ages. To ignore those people that e.g. just got that toy you can't get for ages, without blocking (=deleting) them... ;).

This is where Fatc comes in, it's a scaffold to make your own Twitter client. There's no server code involved, just client-side JavaScript! Fatc talks to Twitter directly using the awesome @Anywhere API.

Here is what Fatc looks like straight out of the box.

Get started

  1. Location: Any webserver that can serve a plain file will do.
    You don't even need a proper domain to run it from; you can serve it from ''. Here are a couple of tips to serve from a Mac or Windows.
  2. Get a Twitter API key: Log into twitter and go to Register a new application, setting the 'Callback URL' to the host where your app will live (this can be ''!). Set the 'Default Access type' to 'Read & Write'.
    Then change the API_KEY in the Fatc code to the correct key you received.
  3. Get the code and start hacking: You can fork the HTML file from github or you can simply copy it. It has no local dependencies, it just needs to be able to load the Oni Apollo and Twitter Anywhere libraries from the web. Enjoy!

Stratified JavaScript

Oni Apollo, the library that we use, allows you to make calls to the Twitter API directly from the client in a NON-CALLBACK style. See the twitter module documentation.

You can call any Twitter REST API method in this way:

var result ="statuses/home_timeline", {count: 5});
console.log("Latest tweet: ", result[0].text);

StratifiedJS is the extended JS used by Oni Apollo to make the non-callback style possible (... and more!).